Flight to Chaos — Entrepreneurial Journey

Session 1

I didn’t have one of those startups that everyone reads about and becomes an overnight success. My story is very different. It was nearly a decade before there was any traction of any kind.

At first, I was heralded among my five person friend-circle for having the naivety to start a business. Then, over time, the applause slowed to a slow clap. Eventually, to survive, the initial business plan looked very different. When friends would check-in to gauge my success, I’d share the “new business plan” and was usually met with watering eyes and boredom. Luckily my few friends knew I was a nobody and with a self-deprecating comic approach to life, I shouldn’t be taken seriously.

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It is a circuitous path from time-to-time.

Chris is a Environmentalist, Capitalist, Minimalist and the Founder and CEO of Palmetto.

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